I'm 12 and what is this?
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bless the soul of whoever did this
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Cannibal Holocaust | 1980
This scene was examined by Italian courts to determine whether or not special effects were used.
When Cannibal Holocaust was originally released in Italy, people believed that it was a genuine snuff film, where actors were murdered so that their deaths could be made into a movie. The film was confiscated ten days after its premiere in Milan, and the director Ruggero Deodato was arrested. The actors had signed contracts with him ensuring that they would not appear publicly for one year after the films release, in order to promote the idea that the film was truly the recovered footage of missing documentarians.

They created the impaling effect by putting a bike seat on the lower half of the stick for the actress to sit on, while she balanced a piece of balsa wood in her mouth

oh my gosh that is interesting
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gf: babe, come over

me: I aint got a car

gf: but my parents aren’t home